Quick Start

4. Quick Start

4.1. Installation & Activation

Plugins > Add New > Upload

In your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Choose the QuadMenu plugin zip and follow the prompts to install and activate QuadMenu. At this point, QuadMenu will have no effect on the front end of your site.

4.2. Activate Menu Location

In order to take advantage of the QuadMenu features you have to activate the plugin in your menu locations. Once you press the Save Changes button, the panel will reload and a new tab for each selected theme location will be created.

QuadMenu > Panel > Configuration

Each “menu location” can has its own instance of options under the configuration tab where you to activate the plugin magic and set the menu theme.

In this way, QuadMenu allows you to modify the style of each theme location by creating a theme of settings options.

4.3. Create Menu Theme

QuadMenu > Panel > Create Theme

Once you create your menu you have to create a new theme to change the styles and layout options.

Go to QuadMenu > Panel > and press the Create Theme button.

Go to QuadMenu > Panel > Configuration select the menu locations of your menu and press the Save Changes button.

4.4. Menu Theme Customization

You can access the theme settings in the admin panel. There will be a tab for each theme.

QuadMenu > Panel > Your Theme

In the main tab you can control the display options, related to how the menu and its elements will show on desktop and mobile devices.

Menu: Here you can customize the style of your menu, with parameters like text color, background, borders, margins, etc.

Submenu: Here you can customize the style of your dropdowns menus, with parameters like text color, background, borders, margins, etc.

4.5. Creating a Menu

Appearance > Menus

If you don’t have an menu yet, go to Appearance > Menus and create one. If your theme properly supports menu locations, click the Manage Locations and assign your menu to the appropriate menu location.

4.6. Edit Menu Content

Appearance > Menu > Your Menu

After you activate the menu locations you can start editing your menu. The menu locations field will display a checkbox list. The menu locations where QuadMenu is activated will be marked with a icon.