DIVI: The best WordPress theme of 2018

The first time we try Divi, our first thought was “why is this theme so popular” and very quickly we start to understand the reasons that make Divi the best wordpress theme.

When you buy Divi you’re not buying on theme, you’re buying the 87 themes of Elegant Themes. Choosing Divi is not difficult. As some people say in the newspaper classified ads: “To see it is to buy it”.

When you go to Elegant Themes website you probably already have in mind all the elements you want to use, how cool your page will be, what the objective is and… Plop! They do not sell the theme as a unit.

But that’s not negative. When you buy Divi, you have included the 87 different themes that Elegant Themes has developed and you have two purchase options.

  • Annual subscription for $ 89: includes 87 different themes, which you can install in the sites you prefer, technical support and updates, but also, 6 Premium plugins developed also by Elegant Themes, and the .PSD files.
  • A single payment for $ 249: includes all of the above, but you pay only once and you don’t have to worry anymore.

The disadvantage of buying the annual subscription is that at the end of the year, if you decide not to renew it, you can continue using the themes and plugins, but you will not receive more updates or technical support. The advantage is obvious: it is more economical.

The best option is the single payment, updates and technical support will always be useful. The best thing is that each theme and plugin will cost you $ 2.68 and in the future you will have 87 themes to choose from, amazing!

But It’s not all about the money, Divi is all advantages and here we will see some of them:


One of the most outstanding features of Divi is its speed. Anyone would think that such a great theme would be quite heavy, but when installing it’s notorious that the navigation is very fluid and its changes are saved super fast.

When you install heavy plugins like Yoast SEO or Thrive Leads, loading time is a worrying topic, but by optimizing your website you can make it fast enough to get a low bouncing rate. In addition, Google loves speed, because the user should not wait long to see what they need.

Easy to optimize

Divi flows very well with most of the cache plugins and the best known in WordPress. These plugins improve the loading time of the web and for this task they have to review the files that make up the theme. The great thing is that Divi has no problems with this, it is compatible and generally the problems arise with the plugins, but not with the theme directly.

Of course, this will depend on how you develop the web, since being so versatile, you can have different configurations and options in each one.

Divi Builder

Divi brings its own visual designer or builder. This makes Divi of Elegant Themes part of the trends that have come from last year, and has become essential in all the websites or blogs of WordPress. Build or layout beautiful, attractive pages that meet the objective without the need to know how to program, in addition to an extremely intuitive environment, makes Divi the perfect option. Also, avoid the need to install a plugin that acts as a builder and has as a consequence the decrease in the speed of your website.


Another benefit is that when remapping other websites with the Divi theme, you should only install the same builder with which you have set them and the theme will be adapted. It will only require small adjustments to make it look and function as you need it.

The Divi constructor has 46 modules that you can insert into your pages or entries (texts, images, videos, accordions, calls to action, Google maps, contact forms, counters, etc).

Almost infinite customization

Apart from the options offered by the visual builder himself, with which you can customize all the modules available to add to your website, there is a long list of things you can customize:

  • The width of the web
  • The width of the sidebar
  • Typography of titles and texts (font, color, bold, size, line height)
  • The format of the header
  • The format of the main and secondary menu (height, colors, typography, animation …)
  • The format of the footer, the style of the buttons in general (then you can customize them one by one) … among others.

Thanks to all these options, you can make two web pages with installed Divi do not resemble each other at all.

Another thing that you can modify are several aspects of your website’s blog: If you want to show the categories, the labels, the date and time of publication, the author of the entry …

You can also change the way your blog is displayed thanks to the “Blog” module of the constructor. Besides, it also offers the possibility to change some settings in many of the constructor modules. If you are one of those who like to be able to personalize your website without having to add a single line of code, I am sure that Divi will love it.

Divi Mega Menu

The menu is one of the weak points of Divi, as this theme doesn’t include a native Mega Menu. Neverdless we’ve developed a mega menu that includes a native support for the Divi customizer dashboard, allowing you to customize the menu style from the native Divi settings.

You can give it a try to the mega menu customize settings. Once you open the link, go to Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar.

Here you’ll find a new setting called “Activate QuadMenu“. If you select this checkbox the Divi menu will be replaced with the Divi Mega Menu and a lot of new settings will be included at the bottom of the customizer panel.

What do you think? Does Divi well deserved this title of the Best WordPress Theme of 2018?