4.2. Requirements

  1. WordPress 3.9+
  2. Use of the WordPress 3 Menu System (found in Appearance > Menus)

4.2.1. Automatic Integration

The following are additionally required of your theme if you wish to integrate QuadMenu automatically, rather than adding a line of PHP to your theme template.

  1. Proper use of the wp_nav_menu function
  2. Use of the theme_location setting within the wp_nav_menu arguments
  3. properly registered theme location
  4. No use of the menu setting within the wp_nav_menu arguments
  5. Modular coding – CSS and JS based on the container ID or class passed to wp_nav_menu, rather than a hard-coded wrapper class

Any properly coded theme will meet requirements 1-4.

If requirement 5 is not met, you may have residual styling or residual scripting from the theme (meaning the theme’s CSS and javascript will interfere with QuadMenu’s functionality). If so, you can just replace it with QuadMenu’s manual integration code.