Mobile Mega Menu
[vsc-section-title align="left" size="h1" title="The WordPress Mega Menu!" el_class="email-section"][/vsc-section-title]
The most powerful wordpress mega menu plugin, configure it fast & easy to:
  • Drag & drop admin panel
  • Integrate with any theme
  • Mega menu & tabs menu
  • & much more!
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  • Feature Social Networks
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  • Free QuadMenu Switcher
  • Free Personalized support
  • Free Integration process
  • Feature Login Form
  • Feature Tabs Menu
  • Feature Carousel Menu
  • Feature Social Networks
[vsc-section-title align="right" title="Menu Themes"]You can create an unlimited number of themes to your wp mega menu[/vsc-section-title]

This WordPress MegaMenu include many powerful features that will blow your mind.

The customizable admin panel allow you to change the colors and menu layout easily at fingertips.

This panel allows you to create an unlimited number of themes as it includes an instance for each menu location in your theme.

Menu Locations Customizer
WordPress Responsive Menu
[vsc-section-title title="Mobile Mega Menu"]Touch interface which improves the user experience[/vsc-section-title]

QuadMenu has been developed under the mobile first concept, so the menu layout responds to all screen sizes.

But this isn’t just a responsive mega menu, it has a touch interface which significantly improves the user experience on these screens.

Responsive menu layout

You can choose your own breakpoint to control the viewport width at which the menu collapses.

First click to open dropdowns menus

In touchscreens, the first click made by the user open the
submenu contained within the item.

Second click to open item link

As we said before, when the item has a submenu the first click is used to open the submenu, and the second click is used to open the url of the item.

Caret to close dropdowns menus

When a submenu is opened in a touchscreen, a new close button
will be attached to the item.

[vsc-section-title title=" Horizontal & Vertical Menus"]Use it to create horizontal & vertical megamenu width accordion or panels[/vsc-section-title]

Our WordPress Mega Menu allows you to create horizontal and vertical mega menus. Both with support for touch screens and mobile devices.

WP Vertical MegaMenu
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[vsc-section-title align="center" title="Developer Options" vsc_animation="slide-to-bottom" vsc_duration=".5"]Designed by developers to developers[/vsc-section-title]

We have included a vast number of filters that let you change the style and behavior of the menu, simplifying the integration with your products.

Default Options

You can hook in to the configuration options and change any default value.

Developer Options

You can hook in to the panel and set your “developer options”, this settings will be hidden for the user and cannot be modified through the options panel.

Menu Items

You can hook in to the menu items and include your own menu items in the admin panel and frontend.

Built with LESS

All menu stylesheets as been developed with LESS. The plugin includes a PHP compiler that creates the css files after the settings changes.

Change LESS Files

You can hook into the less compiler and change the path of the less file. So… you can load your own .less and introduce any kind of changes.

Hook CSS Animations

Hook in to the panel and change the animations options.