The best plugins to spice up your WordPress menu

The menu is a FUNDAMENTAL part of any web page because it allows us to organize the information and offer the best access to the user to execute actions and reach our objectives.

In WordPress, menus can be placed not only on the top but on the sidebars and the bottom of your web page, in addition to having different characteristics such as sublevels, dropouts, images, columns, boxes and more.

As the design is the first thing that the user notices when entering a web page, we bring you a list of plugins with which you can give an excellent appearance and functionality to the menu and capture the user’s attention.

Let’s see!

Mega Main Menu

This plugin we have talked about before is very useful to create and customize drop-down menus.
Mega Main Menu allows you to customize the colors, choose from more than 1600 icons and more than 600 sources, add images, widgets, and shortcodes. Also, the menus are responsive.

The regular license costs USD 16, with 6 months of technical support and updates. For USD 4.13 more you can extend the license to 1 year.

JQuery Mega Menu Widget and JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

This free plugin allows you to add vertical and horizontal widgets to your web page. The menu levels can be customized with blur and slide animations, selected with a click or hover and have 8 color ranges available.

JQuery Mega Menu Widget and JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget are free.

Dropdown Menu Widget

Dropdown Menu Widget allows you to automatically create vertical and horizontal menus with more than 16 color ranges. It can also be customized with CSS and provides the necessary PHP code to add it to the theme.

Responsive Menu

It is a very popular and versatile free plugin to create menus. It allows personalizing position and location of the menu, color, font, images, animation, different speeds in the menu buttons, to fix the buttons and more.

Responsive Menu allows you to add custom HTML, configure the opacity of the color and preview the changes before saving.

Responsive Select Menu

This free plugin helps create versatile menus that change to a drop-down menu when it detects that the width of the device’s screen is small and can be restricted to certain pages.

Responsive Select Menu integrates with UberMenu, takes less screen space on mobile devices and is optimized for interaction with touchscreen devices.


This free plugin offers a range of light and dark colors. It allows a touch navigation bar and each aspect of this bar can be modified and you can add custom CSS. The design of ShiftNav emulates famous applications like Gmail and Facebook.


This plugin is focused on being responsive. It allows placing photographs in the submenus and the design columns.

UberMenu has a cost of USD $ 19 and is quite popular. It has more than 20 predesigned styles that you can modify as you wish with icons, contact forms, search bars, maps, horizontal and vertical menus.


This plugin allows you to create two-level menus with good design that works on desktop and mobile devices. It has a variety of more than 350 icons that are shown in the items of the menus and when hovering over them you see the name of the item. Horizon also allows you to customize backgrounds, divisions, text labels and colors.

It has a cost of USD 21 for the regular license that includes updates and 6 months of technical support. For USD $ 6 the license can be extended to one year.


It is a very interesting plugin since its focus is on the icons. You can add them to posts, pages, widgets, menu, menu items and much more. Iconize allows you to search the icons by name, add CSS, select sources within a very large variety, edit the icons in an integrated editor, configure the alignment, customize all the details of the icon and the effects and much more.

It has a cost of USD $ 19 for the regular license that includes technical support for 6 months. For an additional USD 5.25, you can extend the license to one year.


Touchy offers an unlimited range of colors, allows you to display two-level menus with the included logo and buttons such as “Call”, “Return”, “Send email” and more.

It has an almost perfect score for users and a regular license fee of USD 24 $. To extend the license 6 more months, the additional amount is USD $ 7.13


Wah-Menu offers responsive menus focused on iPads, tablets and similar mobile devices. Allows you to add menus, videos, images, HTML, choose from more than 750 icon fonts, including those from social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It offers a range of light colors and a dark one.

The cost for the regular license is USD 45 which includes technical service for 6 months and to extend the license for 6 months plus the amount is USD 15 additional.

Navigation Menu Widget

Navigation Menu Widget is an economic plugin that offers only the regular license for USD $ 8, without offering technical support and with constant updates. It allows the use of horizontal and vertical menus to which you can add thumbnails and icons both in the menus and in the items and supports shortcodes.

Sky Mega Menu

This plugin is quite economical: it has a cost of $ 6 for the regular license with technical support for 6 months and an additional $ 1.88 for extending the license for 6 more months.

Sky Mega Menu is a very simple and responsive solution with 3 different versions for mobile, 9 color ranges, forms, grid system, place icons in the menu and more.

NOO Menu

NOO Menu stands out for its intuitive and interactive interface, which allows you to customize the menu in detail, have a preview before saving changes, editor, menus in vertical and horizontal orientation, save the styles you have created, unlimited colors, supports 12 columns, integration with Google Fonts and more than 350 available icons.

Which of these plugins is your favorite? Tell us!