Sticky and Fixed Header Menu in GeneratePress

Hello guys! we’re totally excited to announce the integration between GeneratePress and QuadMenu in order to continue with the series of one-click integrations between this mega menu and most popular WordPress themes.

GeneratePress Mega Menu – QuadMenu


GeneratePress is a WordPress that has been with us for a long time. This is a very lightweight theme that may be disappointed on the first impression but it is very well coded and comes with a lot of hooks that make it a good starting point for your own projects.

All premium features are packaged in an add-on called gp-premium that you can buy on your website, but you will quickly realize that there are some options that do not make sense in the way they are organized.

Sticky Header

Anyway, after playing around with this theme we’ve noticed that it does not provide a single way to get fixed header at the top of the site. This one of the most popular features requested by all users, and I personally think that it should be at least an option in each free o premium theme.

We try to find documentation and tutorials on google, but we only get some CSS codes that can be implemented manually and provide a very basic functionality, plus you must have some developer skills.

That’s why we’ve decided to provide this functionality in our one-click integration for the QuadMenu Mega GeneratePress menu.

To get the fixed header menu in generatepress, just install the mega generatepress menu at its end and activate this function from QuadMenu> Options> GeneraPress Theme> Sticky.

That’s all! Hope you enjoy the plugin a give thanks with a purchase of the premium version of QuadMenu.

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