Embed menu in your theme

This layout has been developed to be embedded inside the menu functionality of your theme

This means the responsive functionality such as toggle button and some other advanced features like the sticky menu and logo should be handled by your theme.

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Mobile Mega Menu


The menu will be embedded in the place of the original menu location of your theme.

This means that QuadMenu will take the width of the original menu container.


The logo functionality of QuadMenu has been disabled as its expected that it be handled by your theme.

In most themes, the logo is placed next to the menu. With which the menu should take a width that leaves a room for the logo on its left or right side.


Although the main menu leaves a place for the logo on one of its sides, the drop-down full width will take the total width of the parent menu container.

This means the dropdown will take the width of the main menu plus the logo width.


You'll have to define the width of your menu breakpoint to match the breakpoint of the theme.

As the menu is embedded in your theme menu behavior, the mobile toggle button will be removed.