HeroMenu vs Main Mega Menu vs QuadMenu

This time we analyze three of the most powerful and demanded WordPress plugins to customize menus. HeroMenu vs Main Mega Menu vs QuadMenu.

Three of the plugins that are undoubtedly among the top 5 and that allows creating mega menus that adapt to the needs of any website, offering a quality user experience and giving a professional and sophisticated appearance.

With a mega menu, it’s possible to do almost anything inside the menu. In most cases, the only limit is the imagination.

Here our review of HeroMenu vs Main Mega Menu vs QuadMenu

Main features

These three plugins offer the possibility of creating mega menus that will satisfactorily cover the needs of any Web site.

All are highly customizable and have many options with which you can achieve really spectacular results.

However, there are certain differences between them that can be decisive when making a choice.

HeroMenu is a plugin ready to use, with very few modifications or even with all the values in default you can achieve good results, as long it’s not applied too complex menus.

It lacks some features that are present in the other plugins, such as advanced tools for developers or the possibility of importing mega menus created with other plugins.

Main Mega Menu is a plugin that has prioritized simplicity, both in its operation and the variety of options available in its user interface, which by the way is very efficient.

It’s a very powerful and effective plugin, ideal for those who don’t want to worry too much about customization and configurations. However, for more demanding users it may have some shortcomings.

QuadMenu has everything a plugin of this type should have and some more. The option of inserting content in carousel format within the menu is very attractive, and something that no other plugin offers.

In addition, it’s a plugin made by developers for developers, at the same time it’s designed for users with little or no technical knowledge at all.


In these days when every day more and more people surf the internet through their smartphones, there is almost no website without responsive design. The same goes for plugins. Any plugin that pretends to be of quality must be responsive.

These three plugins are optimized for mobile devices. They are 100% responsive.

QuadMenu is developed under the concept known as mobile first, which means that in addition to being responsive, the entire plugin is designed having smartphones in mind.

Among other advantages, this means that it also works perfectly well on older mobile devices or with smaller screen sizes.

HeroMenu and QuadMenu support devices with touch screens, something that some responsive designs forget.

Customization options

The options to customize and give the desired appearance to the menu are very complete in the three plugins. Same happens with the different configuration options that offer a variety of options such as sticky menu, set the height or adapt the width of the menu to the size of the page.

Only in Main Mega Menu we see that when creating a mega menu, the options could be somewhat limiting in some cases.

With HeroMenu and QuadMenu it’s possible to do almost anything.

Theme integration

With a large number of themes that are out there, it’s obvious that it’s impossible for any plugin to be 100% compatible with all of them.

This depends mainly on the quality of the code with which they have been programmed, but also with the solution that each one offers to make a successful integration with any theme.

The three plugins offer the option to insert the menu through shortcodes, something that can be useful in many cases. If this does not work, you can also copy and paste some lines of code to integrate perfectly the plugin with the theme. This lines of code are supplied in all cases.

Most integration problems occur when there is a low quality or outdated theme. In these cases, it can be difficult to achieve an acceptable integration.

QuadMenu offers a series of add-ons for the most popular themes. A very fast and simple method. One click integration is currently available for Divi, Astra, Ocean WP, Avada, and Storefront. And the list keeps growing.


The user experience with a mega menu is undoubtedly much better than with a conventional menu. Not only navigation is improved, but incredible results can also be achieved in terms of design and some special functions. Something that makes the user experience much more pleasant and comfortable.

When trying HeroMenu vs Main Mega Menu. In the first one, everything seems to be somehow more rude and strong, while using Main Mega Menu the perceived sensation is softer and smoother. They are different concepts that can fit perfectly into two websites with different concepts.

As for QuadMenu, the UX is impeccable in every respect. In addition, it’s the only plugin that allows inserting content in a carousel format. Something that will undoubtedly boost the UX of any website.

QuadMenu also offers the possibility of building a mega menu with a high level of optimization for mobile devices. The UX is superior in these devices.


The three plugins have a final design that looks good on professional websites and of any kind.

Of course, the appearance of the mega menu will depend on who created it skills. However, there are certain differences in the design of these plugins when used with default values or with a few modifications.

With HeroMenu you don’t need to make any customization to achieve a nice mega menu. It’s a plugin that can easily be used without touching any option. Just install and activate the plugin and the result will be very good. However, to get a mega menu with a more refined design you have to get down to work and spend a little more time on it.

In Main Mega Menu we see that the design is somewhat rudimentary with default values. It’s possible to improve it by combining the different customization options, but for a sophisticated and professional mega menu maybe this task is more difficult than with other plugins.

QuadMenu has achieved an impeccable design, there is not much more to say about it.

Developers tools

All plugins allow to edit the CSS code and provides an edit box for that. In this way, those who have knowledge of CSS language can adapt the mega menu to their needs. HeroMenu also allows the use of HTML code and shortcodes in the contents of the menu,

QuadMenu is a plugin made by developers for developers, and that’s because it has a complete set of tools to modify the plugin at will.

These tools for developers are called hooks because they allow being “hooked” to specific parts of the program. It is a very practical and flexible method for those who know how to take advantage of it.

Overall performance

About HeroMenu we can say that it’s an excellent plugin for those looking for something simple and effective. With little time and work you can achieve an attractive final result, it’s a plugin that can be used without problems practically without touching anything. Just install it and activate it.

Main Mega Menu is a powerful plugin that automatically integrates with a large number of themes. Its code quality makes it work perfectly well in almost any situation.

It has certain limitations when creating complex mega menus but that doesn’t prevent it from being a recommended plugin, especially for websites were a simple mega-menu can cover the needs satisfactorily.

QuadMenu offers the possibility to create complex mega menus with a lot of content efficiently while creating simple mega menus in a fast and practical way. All thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

It also has some unique features that make it stand out among other plugins, such as the option to insert contents in carousel format or advanced tools for developers.

A conclusion of HeroMenu vs Main Mega Menu vs QuadMenu

We face three high-quality plugins. Three plugins that are among the TOP 5 of its kind. All works perfectly well and are programmed according to high-quality code standards.

They offer a wide variety of customization and configuration options that make possible to do practically anything. However, for very specific cases, some may not meet expectations.

HeroMenu is versatile and powerful, but it requires time and labor to develop a complex mega menu or with a large amount of content.

Main Mega Menu is the ideal plugin for simple mega menus, with some limitations if what you want is a mega menu full of content and special features.

QuadMenu brings together all of the above and some more. It works perfectly in complex menus as in the simplest ones. With a lot or little content. In addition, it offers some unique features that no other plugin has.

If you’re thinking of buying any of these plugins, it’s a highly recommended choice to think about.

Watch these videos and see the plugins in action:


Here a comparative table:

Main Mega MenuHeroMenuQuadMenu
ResponsiveYesYesMobile first
One Click IntegrationNoNoYes
Coding skill neededNoYesNo
Developers featuresNoNoYes