UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu

UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu

Here an in-depth analysis of three of the best mega menu plugins for WordPress available in the market: UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu.

Three plugins that undoubtedly compete for the first place and that are among the TOP 5 paid plugins to customize the WP menu.

We are facing three quality plugins, all three are very good plugins with which you can achieve spectacular results, covering the needs of any website.

All three have different characteristics and have been created under different concepts. But each one perfectly fulfills its objective, in different ways they allow to create a high quality mega menu, at the same time as enhancing the UX.

Continue reading our review of UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu and discover in detail everything that these plugins allow you to do with your WordPress menu.


UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu

This is one of the most popular mega menu plugins with over 66000 downloads. And his fame is well earned. It’s a powerful plugin with which you can create any imaginable mega menu.

It comes with 20 designs preloaded by default, this makes things much easier for those who want to create a mega menu in a short time.

However, it may not be the best plugin for them, who will find necessary to dedicate some work to achieve a good final result.

UberMenu is one of the most complete plugins of its kind. Everything can be customized from an intuitive and well-organized user interface.

Although it may be a little difficult to understand the first few times, after a short period of learning it‘s very easy to find what you are looking for among the multitude of options available.

How could it be otherwise, UberMenu is 100% responsive. It works perfectly fine from any device and it’s possible to adjust some specific values ​​of the responsive design, depending on the screen size of the device.

It is also optimized for touch screens, something essential that enhances the UX when using mobile devices to access the website.

UberMenu integrates automatically into any theme that meet the requirements, although it’s quite likely that you have to perform a manual action to achieve optimal integration.

For that, complete documentation is provided and integration is most likely easy to do, most cases it can be achieved simply by copying and pasting a few lines of code in the right place.

For developers, a js & PHP API is offered, in addition to the inevitable CSS editing box. With these tools the work of the developers is greatly facilitated.

Although not everything is so good for developers. UberMenu does not offer extended license. This means that it is not allowed to use the plugin as part of any digital development created for commercial purposes, as for example it can be a theme.

But that will not matter to the owners and webmaster of websites, who will find in UberMenu a fabulous tool to create any imaginable menu.

Mega Main Menu

UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu

If we compare UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu it may seem at first glance that this last plugin is more basic and lacks many options that UberMenu has.

For the most demanding users, Mega Main Menu may have some missing configuration or customization options, but that does not prevent it from being a complete and efficient plugin.

It is very simple to use, unlike other plugins anyone can create a mega menu in a short time and obtain a final quality result.

Mega Main Menu is designed for the average user with little or no technical knowledge at all, but mainly for those who want a quick and efficient solution, without having to dive in the myriad of options available.

In this sense, Mega Main Menu fulfills its objective more than satisfactorily. It’s very easy to create the desired mega menu, and the creation process is simple and fast.

In addition, it’s a plugin that integrates perfectly well in a wide number of themes, which is no small thing.

It’s quite uncommon to have to perform a manual integration. For those cases you have complete documentation, and of course you can always ask for help from the support service, which by the way is very good.

Mega Main Menu is completely responsive, it will look good from any device without having to make any changes.

This is a very practical and effective plugin, which facilitates things and allows you to comply with the requirements of the website without too much pretension. However, for complex mega menus that require advanced functions, this plugin may be somewhat limited.

An ideal plugin to create simple mega menus easily and quickly.


UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu

This is a powerful plugin with infinite customization and configuration options. You can do almost anything with QuadMenu, the same as with the other plugins and some more.

Through a highly intuitive and complete user interface all options can be accessed quickly. It’s easy to find what you are looking for, everything is well organized within the different sections.

With QuadMenu you can customize everything and do things like insert a logo on the menu, Woocommerce shopping cart, login / logout, use multimedia content such as videos, image gallery, background images, native WP or plugin widgets and much more.

One of the outstanding features of QuadMenu and that no other plugin offers is the option to insert content in carousel format within the tabs of the menu. A very interesting alternative that can enhance the UX even more than the mega menu itself and that will give a more refined and professional look to the website.

QuadMenu has achieved a plugin that perfectly combines the ease of use sought by the average user without technical knowledge, with a quick and effective solution; and a plugin designed to facilitate the work of developers, who will find multiple advanced tools at their disposal.

How could it be otherwise, QuadMenu is totally responsive, but that’s not all. It’s also optimized for touch screens and programmed under the concept known as mobile first. All existing techniques to optimize UX from mobile devices are present in this plugin.

In the case of vertical menus, it is possible to use the off canvas layout. This is useful for users who access from their smartphones, especially from smartphones or devices with smaller screen sizes.

QuadMenu integrates perfectly with a lot of themes, but of course issues can always appear in this regard. No plugin is compatible with 100% of the themes out there.

Like UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu, QuadMenu also has a complete documentation to consult if a problem arises. Or you can always access the support service, which is very good. They answer in short time and always find a quick solution.

For some of the most popular themes, QuadMenu offers a very practical and effective method. Its one click integration method is currently available for Divi, Astra, Ocean WP, Avada, Storefront. And the list keeps growing.


In this review of UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu there are no better or worse one, all three are efficient plugins and work without problems in most WordPress installations.

There are different plugins with different features, each of them can be the ideal plugin for each case, depending on the objective that is expected to achieve with the mega menu.

UberMenu is a powerful plugin with which you can have spectacular results, if you are willing to spend time and work in the process of creating the mega menu.

Mega Main Menu is highly recommended for users with little or no technical knowledge and who seek to improve the existing menu quickly and easily, without making too many customization or configuration changes.

QuadMenu gathers all the features of the other plugins plus some distinctive features that are absent in UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu. Like the option to insert content in carousel format, advanced tools for developers or its first mobile design.

This has been our review of UberMenu vs Mega Main Menu vs QuadMenu, tell us what you think.

¿Which one’s your favorite?