Uber Menu vs WP Mega Menu vs QuadMenu

UberMenu vs WP Mega Menu vs QuadMenu

There are more than 20 WordPress plugins for creating mega menu. Here we compare three of the best: UberMenu vs WP Mega Menu vs QuadMenu.

If you are thinking about installing one of these plugins on your WordPress website, you will surely be interested in having an in depth comparison.

All three are very good plugins and work similarly. They are effective, versatile and allow you to customize and configure all menu items and their behavior.

Three plugins that without doubt make it possible to perform any idea that you have in mind for your mega menu. Meeting the needs of any website.

Next, we compare different features of UberMenu vs WP Mega Menu vs QuadMenu.


In these days in which Internet users surf the Web more and more from their smartphones, it’s essential that the websites are responsive, as well as each of its elements.

All these plugins are completely responsive and work well on any device.

But in this point QuadMenu stands out on UberMenu and WP Mega Menu. QuadMenu has been developed under the mobile first concept.

This means that in addition to adapting to any mobile device, it’s programmed specifically for smartphones and then adapted for desktop computers, notebooks and other devices.

It works perfectly even in obsolete smartphone models.

Clean code

These plugins have been created by professional programmers, who have worked hard to offer a clean code plugin, without errors and that meets the quality standards.

But the real work of the programmers does not end there, they have to constantly optimize the code and fix bugs that always appear.

We have detected complaints in UberMenu users due to bad code quality. Although in general, it’s all about incompatibilities with a specific theme. Nothing that cannot be solved.

The three plugins are very well programmed and they are constantly updated with a good maintenance job.


While all these plugins offer a full range of features, if you’re looking for something specific some of them may disappoint you.

Let’s review the different features of UberMenu vs WP Mega Menu vs QuadMenu:

Same as in QuadMenu, Ubermenu allows users to preview changes in real time, using the native WP customization page

This is very useful feature that saves lot of time during the creation of the mega menu.

In addition to all the features of the other two plugins, QuadMenu offers the carrousel option within the tabs of the mega menu. A very attractive option that is available in the PRO version.

Another unique feature of this plugin is that it’s designed under mobile first concept. But it isn’t only responsive, it’s also optimized for what is called touch events. What happens all the time on touch screen devices.

QuadMenu integrates seamlessly with the WP customization page. This is quite useful when testing modifications, you can see the changes in real time by modifying the options. Exactly like any other modification that is made on the webpage.

WP Mega Menu
This complete plugin allows you to do almost everything the same as with the others. But it does not offer any novel feature that differentiates it.

On the other hand, it is a recommended plugin for those who do not like to get into programming stuff. It adapts perfectly to all the themes without having to do any manual integration.

Front end

The three plugins allow to design spectacular mega menus. But of course, the final product will always depend on the skill of the designer.

However, each customization option is executed differently in each plugin.

We find in WP Mega Menu and QuadMenu a design in the final product more polished and aesthetic than in UberMenu, which is slightly coarse.

The loading speed is a value sometimes difficult to know. If we talk about the loading speed of the mega menu, then it will depend exclusively on the complexity of it. Especially the amount of content it contains.

The three plugins work optimally and there are practically no differences in speed. None of them can significantly slow down the speed loading of a page.

In WP Mega Menu we detect some navigation difficulty when using the flyout (menu inside the submenu). When the tabs of the items of the deeper menu were opened, it was left out of the screen, which causes a bad experience when trying to click on the items.

If the option to open tab when mouse over is activated, sometimes the tab can be closed when the mouse pointer goes outside it. And this can be complicated when entering submenus with contents.

This conflict is well resolved in the three plugins. The solution is to allow the pointer to exit the container for a short time without it closing. And that is one of the configuration options.

For the rest, the three plugins offer the possibility of creating mega menus that provide an exemplary UX.

QuadMenu stands out with its distinctive option of inserting a carousel inside the tabs of the mega menu.

Theme integration
About integration with the numerous themes that are out there, it is obvious that it’s impossible for a plugin to be 100% compatible with all the WordPress themes.

Only in the official repository there are almost 6,000. And if we count the ones offered in plugin markets such as codecanyon surely that number exceeds 10,000.

UberMenu and QuadMenu offer the possibility of doing a manual integration with the theme in use, if incompatibilities arise.

With WP Mega Menu that is not necessary since it’s compatible with a large number of themes.

In any case, the three plugins offer quality support for their clients and one of the most common reasons for which support is requested is precisely because of incompatibility issues with some theme.

It should be noted that QuadMenu offers specific addons for some of the most popular themes such as: Divi, Astra, Ocean WP, Avada, Storefront. With its One Click Integration plugins.

Vertical / Offcanvas layouts
All these plugins offer the possibility of creating vertical menus, something that is usually used in mobile devices. The offcanvas layout system is even better for these cases.

UberMenu is left behind at this point since it does not have the option to create menus with this feature. A plus point for QuadMenu and WP Mega Menu.

Back End

User Interface
These three plugins have an intuitive and easy to use interface. This is not an easy thing to achieve considering the myriad of options of all kinds that are available.

They have managed to organize everything perfectly, making all the customization and configuration options to be just a few clicks away.

In the case of QuadMenu, its simplicity and structure make the user interface very intuitive and easy to use. Only a little better than the others

In UberMenu it may seem complicated at first, but once one has become accustomed to using it, everything becomes easier. It requires some time of learning to assimilate the way it works.

WP Mega Menu has made things very simple, although too basic. But that’s a personal view.

Customization options
You can customize practically all the elements of a menu with these plugins. Use icons, change background colors, borders, rounded tabs, height and width of the menu, color links and many other things.

And of course, within each tab it’s possible to customize every aspect of the content. From the font used or until the alignment of the text, size of the images and many other options.

The three plugins have a complete variety of customization options. What will make it possible to create professional mega menus tailored to any Web site.

QuadMenu and UberMenu allow different animations to be used when the dropbox is opened. By joining this technique with a delay in the opening time, spectacular effects can be achieved.

Developers tools
Remember that in many cases you will need to have some knowledge in programming for these plugins to work optimally. But no one should feel intimidated about that. The most of the times its nothing more than do copy/ paste of few lines of code. Or just using shortcodes.

For those who have knowledge in CSS, UberMenu and QuadMenu have an edit box to insert the styles needed.

UberMenu has its own PHP API & Javascript. While QuadMenu offers a wide variety of hooks that allows to interact with the code in multiple ways. Developers love this feature.

WP Mega Menu is a plugin designed for the average user with no programming skills at all. It does not offer tools for developers.


The three plugins are very good, with some subtle differences perfectly meet its goal which is: to allow the creation of Mega Menus in a completely customizable way so that it can adapt perfectly to the needs of each website.

Personally, my choice is QuadMenu. The option to create a slider-style carousel inside each tab of the menu is quite attractive, and this plugin is the only one that offers this feature.

But of course, UberMenu and WP Mega Menu are also highly recommended. They work very well on any device and are compatible with most of the themes that are out there.

Everything will depend on the needs of each case.

If what you’re looking for is a powerful and reliable plugin, then UberMenu.

For average users who don’t want to worry too much and make things easy, WP Mega Menu.

If you think about offering an excellent user experience on mobile devices and have some extra customization options, then the best option is QuadMenu.

Here a comparative table of UberMenu vs Max Mega Menu vs QuadMenu:


UberMenuWP Mega MenuQuadMenu
ResponsiveYesYesMobile first
Extended licenseNoYesYes
Coding skill neededYesNoNo
Developers featuresYesNoYes

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