Top 9 Mega Menu WordPress free plugins

UberMenu vs Max Mega Menu vs QuadMenu

If you are about to buy any of these three mega menu plugins, here we analyze and compare them for you. An in-depth look of Ubermenu vs Max Mega Menu vs QuadMenu.

There’s a wide variety of WP plugins to customize menus. In this occasion, we chose Ubermenu vs Max Mega Menu vs QuadMenu. Three of the best of all that compete for the first place.

When we decide to use a plugin in our WordPress what happens is almost the same as with any other decision in life. The more options available, the greater the difficulty of choosing one without doubts.

It can be very difficult to choose one, even more, if the native WP menu system is the only one you know and never heard a word about mega menus

The WordPress Mega Menu represents a new menu concept, with contents of all kinds in each menu tab.

From submenus with different built-in elements, galleries, multimedia content such as videos or even animations, background images and much more. Everything inside the menu.

If you’re reading this so far, surely you have in mind to purchase one of these plugins. so we hope we can help you to make the right decision:

Here’s a review of Ubermenu vs Max Mega Menu vs QuadMenu:


Ubermenu is one of the most popular mega menus with over 66.000 downloads. Practically there are no limitations to create a mega menu with this plugin, everything can be customized and configured according to the needs of each case.

It’s a very versatile and efficient plugin and works perfectly with almost every WP theme.

It has a very well designed looking that will give a comforting and professional look to any website. With a few modifications, you can achieve spectacular results.

Something very important these days is that it is optimized for all types of devices, which means it will offer a good user experience when viewing from any device with different screen sizes, like smartphones and tablets. It’s a fully responsive plugin.

Some of the features of Ubermenu are:

  • Fast. It does not slow down the loading of the website
  • 100% Responsive design
  • Fully customizable
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Includes 25 most popular google fonts
  • Vertical and horizontal menus
  • Multiple independent menus
  • Static or dynamic content
  • Simplified CSS editor
  • PHP & Javascript API for developers
  • Allows to use shortcodes within the menú
  • Preview mode allows you to see the changes in real time


It would be good to have a free version of Ubermenu, many would be very happy with that.

We don’t need all the features and options we have to create good mega menus. Maybe a free version with fewer options would be very well received in the WP community.

You can get UberMenu for 21 USD, that for using the plugin in one single site and with access to support for 6 months. You can extend the support time if you want.

At this point, there’s no much difference from the other plugins license, but the only thing is that with UberMenu there is no extended license. This means that you cannot use the plugin in any product to be sold to third-party, like a theme or another plugin.

About the support -which by the way is very good- if you stop paying after initial 6 months, nobody will help you from the official support in case you have a problem.

Another disadvantage is that depending on the theme you use, it may be necessary to have some CSS/PHP programming skills to adjust the menu and integrate it with the theme.

If you have no idea about those programming languages, you may have to learn the basics to make the menu look good on your website.


UberMenu is among the 5 best mega menu plugins. Recommended for both beginners and expert developers.

It is highly customizable so it allows to realize any imaginable idea.

If you’re not planning to use it for building any commercial product and just want it for your website -not allowed in the license- it’s a very good option to think about for a purchase.

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu vs WP Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu has a free version although with some limitations.

How could it be otherwise, it is completely responsive and has been intensively tested on all types of devices.

Its code quality makes it unnecessary to have any knowledge of programming, works perfectly with any template.

In addition, it has an extensive and complete documentation.

It is possible to create multiple menus separately. Each one with different configurations and designs.

But to get the full potential of Max Mega Menu it is best to go for the paid version.

Max Mega Menu PRO

  • Sticky menu
  • Vertical menu
  • Accordion menu
  • search box
  • Extended customization options
  • Shopping cart for WooCommerce
  • Integration with Easy Digital Download
  • Show menu items according to user roles
  • Logo in the menu
  • Shortcodes in menu
  • Complete collection of icons
  • More than 600 Google Fonts
  • Priority support
  • SEO friendly


Its free version is quite limited. There is not much that can be done with it.

We get the impression that the function of the freeware is only to hook users and that they end up buying the PRO version.

The most economical Pro Personal license (23 USD) is for a single Web site. Then you can choose the Pro Business License for 5 websites, or the Pro license to use up to 99 websites.

As in the previous plugin Ubermenu, with Max Mega Menu if you stop paying after six months you stay without support.

Another disadvantage that can be deduced from the user’s reviews is that the advanced options are somewhat difficult to control, it requires some time for learning before mastering all the available configurations.


The free version, which is still far from satisfactory, could include more features and remain free.

The PRO version will cover the needs of the most demanding users.

An excellent plugin to create professional and good looking mega menus. Although compared to the other plugins in this list, has some customization limitations.

Its efficiency is mainly due to its code quality. That makes it fast and error-free. An easy to use the plugin, even for those who have no technical knowledge at all.


Max Mega Menu vs WP Mega Menu

QuadMenu is a plugin programmed under a concept known as mobile first. This means that, unlike Ubermenu vs Max Mega Menu, it’s designed specifically for mobile devices, and then adapted for desktop computers, laptops, and devices with similar screen sizes.

It’s a new concept that has many advantages. Considering that every day more and more people use their smartphones to surf the internet.

With this plugin, it’s possible to hide certain menu items on mobile devices, which allows to create complex menus and make them simpler for users who use smartphones.

The user interface is highly intuitive, easy to understand and use. It also integrates seamlessly with the WordPress control panel.

It has many customization options, the same as the other plugins and some more.

Its free version is quite complete, with only a few limitations that are, of course, present in the paid version. In addition, support is offered in all its versions.

This is a plugin designed for both developers and average users. It works perfectly on any template and on most of the popular page builders such as divi, visual composer and others and now is a 50% off if you purchase it from here.

Main features of QuadMenu:

  • Designed under the mobile first concept
  • Multiple menus
  • WP Widgets in the menu
  • Support for child themes
  • Horizontal and vertical menu
  • Sticky menu
  • Dropdown animations
  • Shopping cart
  • Login / logout
  • Search box
  • Social networking items
  • Google Fonts
  • Complete icon collection
  • Logo on the menu
  • CSS Editor
  • Special functions for developers
  • Carrousel feature
  • One-click plugin Integration


The comparison between Ubermenu vs Max Mega Menu and QuadMenu does not have a clear winner. All three are very good plugins to create mega menus. The choice will depend on the needs of each case.

Instead, if you want a plugin with a clean and optimized code, and that is 100% compatible with any WP theme then the chosen one will be Max Mega Menu.

But if the objective is to have total control over all aspects of the menu, with absolute freedom to create and design a bespoke mega menu, then the correct choice would be Ubermenu.

If what you are looking for is all of the above, plus a plugin that works perfectly well on any device, then the best one is QuadMenu.

Here a comparative table of UberMenu vs Max Mega Menu vs QuadMenu:
UberMenu Max Mega Menu QuadMenu
Responsive Yes Yes Yes
Price 21 23 9
Extended license No Yes Yes
Preview Yes No Yes
Coding skill needed Yes No No
Developers features Yes No Yes

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