7.3. Divi Integration

QuadMenu have been designed to integrate seamlessly Divi. The menu include a native support for the Divi customizer dashboard, allowing you to create and customize an unlimited amount of mega menus and tabs menus without any programming skills.

7.3.4. Installation & Activation

Plugins > Add New > Upload

In your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Choose the QuadMenu PRO plugin zip and follow the prompts to install and activate.

7.3.5. Creating a menu

Appearance > Menus

If you don’t have an menu yet, go to Appearance > Menus and create one. Click the Manage Locations and assign your menu to the Primary Menu.

7.3.6. Menu Customization

You can access the menu settings to change the menu style in the Divi customizer.

Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar

Here you’ll find a new setting called “Activate QuadMenu“. If you select this checkbox the Divi menu will be replaced with the Divi Mega Menu and a lot of new settings will be included at the bottom of the customizer panel.

7.3.7. Menu Content

After you create a menu and activate the QuadMenu plugin for a location, a new tab, named QuadMenu Items, will appear on the menu editor sidebar.

QuadMenu PRO > Menu

A new metabox name QuadMenu Items will be included. If you expand this tab, you will see the advanced elements: Icon, Mega, Tabs, Search, Login and Cart.