6.3. QuadMenu Tabs

With the tabs, you can create a tab mega menu where you can include widgets or any kind of content available in your menu dashboard.

This element is element allows you to set a custom background for the whole dropdown and handle the title, icons, badges and subtitles on each tab.

To include a Tab menu you have to make sure your menu location is activated on QuadMenu.

After you activate the menu location a new metabox, named QuadMenu Items, will appear on the menu editor sidebar.

If you expand this tab, you will see the advanced elements: Icon, Mega, Tabs, Search, Login, and Cart.

To include new tab in the tabs menu just click the “plus” button, at the top left corner of the tabs box.

6.3.1. Background

This tab is included in mega, tabs and carousel menus and allows you to set a custom image background to the main dropdown menu of the item.

Appearance > Menus > Menu > Tabs > Background

6.3.2. Columns

Once you include a column you can edit its width for the different screens sizes. Also, you can set the column hidden property for each size. Just keep in mind that you must not exceed 12 columns within an item.

Appearance > Menus > Menu > Tab > Column

To include new columns in the tab box just click the Add Column button, at the top left corner of the tab box.

WP MegaMenu

Then you can select the items and press the blue button to include this menu items in to the column.

By click inside the column a new metabox called QuadMenu Widgets will be included in the menu sidebar, and a new button will be included in all items metabox just beside the “Add to Menu” button.